Blue Lotus Meditation Cushions - Mini (Full Set)
Blue Lotus Meditation Cushions - Mini (Full Set)
Blue Lotus Meditation Cushions - Mini (Full Set)

Blue Lotus Meditation Cushions - Mini (Full Set)

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Eight pounds of recycled cotton batting are stuffed into a muslin cover and tufted in four places to form a permanent inner cushion. A snug-fitting cover, with a concealed zipper, made from durable 9 oz.,

100% cotton twill fabric is slipped over the inner cushion and tufted in the center for a finished look. No need to replace the entire zabuton if the cover becomes soiled. Simply clip the center tuft and remove the cover.

All covers are washable and new covers may be ordered.

Size: 30" l x 25" w x 3.5" h Fill: 8 lbs

recycled cotton batting in a 100% cotton muslin casing Cover: 9 oz 100% cotton twill; concealed zipper; washable Weight:

approx 8 lbs color; blue, pink ZAFU PILLOW Buckwheat hulls provide proper support with no break-in period—feels like sitting on sand! Our best-selling product!

When we introduced the Buckwheat Hull Zafu (pron. zah'-foo) in 1996, we knew this cushion provided an astonishing improvement in comfort.

Today, it is our bestselling product. While still providing all the support of a traditional kapok-filled zafu, the Buckwheat Hull Zafu conforms more readily to each individual's shape and is somewhat softer. It is like sitting on sand at the beach - the hulls move where you want them.

We stuff the Buckwheat Hull Zafu with approximately 4 lbs. of buckwheat hulls encased in a zippered muslin shell making it easy to add/remove the hulls. The Buckwheat Hull Zafu measures 15" in diameter with a 5 1/2" loft.

Made of durable 10 oz., 100% cotton duck fabric with carrying handle. Removable zippered cover for easy washing. Size:

14" dia, 41/2" h Fill: 4 1/2 lbs

buckwheat hulls in a zippered, 100% cotton muslin casing Cover:

10 oz 100% cotton duck; zipper; carrying handle; washable color; blue, pick Weight: approx 4 lbs

These cushions are made by Bhante Amitha, resident monk at the Blue Lotus Temple in Woodstock IL.

Blue Lotus Handmade Zafu & Zabuton Cushion can be sold separately.

$38 each or $68.50 together