Buddha Statue - 10 Inches Tall

Buddha Statue - 10 Inches Tall

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We keep a Buddha statue to symbolize Buddha's teachings. Before our meditation practice we can look up to the Buddha as the source of inspiration.
In Eastern Buddhist cultures, every home has a place to worship. They keep a little Buddha statue there and entire family gather in front of the statue and offer flowers, light (lamps), and incense sticks followed by a chanting session.
This 10 inches tall statue is made out of Plaster of Paris, by a resident monk in Blue Lotus Temple in Woodstock, IL.

Please keep this statue indoors. Do not wash.

We believe in the healing power of intention. All of these items are filled with our loving intentions for you and the world. Each item has been placed inside a circle of us as we chant the following three discourses which are believed to include the power to protect human beings for all negativity and bring healing energy into your life.

  • Ratana Sutta - The Jewel Discourse
  • Karaniya Metta Sutta - The Loving-Kindness Discourse
  • Maha Mangala Sutta - The Discourse on Blessings

We believe that through loving action, we can all change the world together by adding more love to everything we do. We've added all the love we can to these items and are so happy to share that love with you so you can go into the world and spread it around.