MONK ROBE Patchwork tote Bags!
MONK ROBE Patchwork tote Bags!
MONK ROBE Patchwork tote Bags!
MONK ROBE Patchwork tote Bags!
MONK ROBE Patchwork tote Bags!

MONK ROBE Patchwork tote Bags!

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We hope this message finds you joyful! Embarking on a journey inspired by Bhante's teachings and the mindful reuse of his robes, we're thrilled to unveil a beautiful new addition to the Choose Loving Kindness lineup of products that merges artistry, sustainability, and purpose. 

Ancient wisdom sparked a modern concept when Bhante noticed I had been collecting his old Monk's robes for years and the pile was growing!  After joyfully scolding me for my hoarding of his old robes, Bhante told me the story of the Buddha instructing monks to take all their old robes and mix them with mud to make bricks and build or repair the kutis (small meditation huts).  The idea of taking something old and turning into a devotional act of service feels in direct alignment with our practice and Bhante Sujatha's mission.  Culminating in a creation that not only adorns your life but also contributes to a more meaningful existence, please join us in introducing a transformative product born from the essence of repurposing and conscious living.

 Hand-Stitched Elegance with a Heartwarming Story 

These one-of-a-kind shoulder bags are more than just accessories; they are a blend of artistry, sustainability, and mindfulness. Crafted with care and precision, each bag is made from recycled linens, including authentic monastic robes once worn by Bhante Sujatha and monks in the serene landscapes of Sri Lanka.

 Sustainability Meets Art: Meet Green Life Generation 

We've partnered with Green Life Generation, an upcycle company in Sri Lanka dedicated to environmental protection and awareness. Through their skilled hands, they transform recycled materials into works of art, weaving together sustainability and style.  When you buy a bag you are truly helping the world! 

 A Limited Edition Piece of Serenity 

These unique patchwork bags are available in two distinctive styles, each telling a story of its own. Due to their limited nature, we're offering an exclusive pre-order opportunity to our cherished customers. Act fast, as we anticipate these gems to fly off the shelves!

️ How to Make It Yours 

Visit our website to explore the mesmerizing details of each design and secure your pre-order. With only a limited number available, this is your chance to carry a piece of loving-kindness with you wherever you go.

 Pre-Order Now – Don't Miss Out! 

We can't wait for you to experience the love and mindfulness woven into every stitch of these incredible bags. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a more conscious and compassionate world.

With love and gratitude,