Empty, Empty. Happy, Happy. - The Essential Teachings of a Simple Monk
Empty, Empty. Happy, Happy. - The Essential Teachings of a Simple Monk

Empty, Empty. Happy, Happy. - The Essential Teachings of a Simple Monk

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"Simple teachings often have the most depth." Bhante Sujatha

Author: Tyler Lewke 

This book is an attempt to share Bhante's gift to the world, that absolute core essential teachings, told through story, that we can dwell within, work on, live with and have. 

Teachings in this book:

  • We must learn to live in truth as it always outlasts falsehood. 
  • Words without actions are just empty sounds. 
  • Don't let your heart become blind by relying on your eyes to see the beauty. 
  •  When you are truly honest, kind and moral, all beings can sense it even before you speak or act.
  • You will have to rely on yourself. Teachers guide the way, friends give support, life is the opportunity. How you do the work is up to you.
  • Love is only a word until it is put into action.
  • Every moment we are loosing whatever belongs to us.
  • Do everything without expectation, then witness as you receive everything you need.
  • Love is not fake, people make it seem so.
  • Loneliness is challenging but the moment you feel the beauty of it, you no longer depend on another human being.
  • Life is simple: do not harm yourself or others.
  • Be simple. Think deeply.
  • Death teaches us the importance of being grateful. 
  • There is no entities in the world. There are only activities.
  • Empty, Empty. Happy, Happy. 

We believe in the healing power of intention. All of these items are filled with our loving intentions for you and the world. Each item has been placed inside a circle of us as we chant the following three discourses which are believed to include the power to protect human beings for all negativity and bring healing energy into your life.

  • Ratana Sutta - The Jewel Discourse
  • Karaniya Metta Sutta - The Loving-Kindness Discourse
  • Maha Mangala Sutta - The Discourse on Blessings

We believe that through loving action, we can all change the world together by adding more love to everything we do. We've added all the love we can to these items and are so happy to share that love with you so you can go into the world and spread it around.